Girls On A Mission.

The annual GOAM (Girls On A Mission) Program is a fun, power-packed week of activities that offers girls an opportunity to learn about missions, minister in the home, church, community and world as well as be ministered to by their local churches. The GOAM Program has traditionally been used as part of International Girls Ministries Week celebrated in February, during the week of Valentines. However, it is suitable for any time of year and for any group of girls to learn and enjoy. Recognizing Girls Ministries Week provides a valuable occasion to reach out to unchurched girls in the community and to involve them in life-changing ministry. A GOAM (Girls On A Mission) program is written each year with special emphasis on the current YWEA Mission Project, it raises the awareness of need and provides an opportunity to give to the project.  Participation will bring a rich reward to girls as they reach out to help others. The program is adaptable for use any time during the year to emphasize this outreach. The GOAM Program(s) are available for purchase at cogyouthstore.org and girlsministries.org.