Reports may be submitted on a monthly or quarterly basis, state coordinators may choose the preferred time to report. The report form and online entries are the same, each month will be entered separately. If you choose to report at the end of the quarter, reports will be due on the 5th and reports will not be counted tardy until after the 15th.

Quarterly Reports Due
April 5th                      (February, March, April)
July 5th                        (May, June, July)
October 5th                 (August, September, October)
January 5th                 (November, December, January)

If you do not have access to the internet mail a copy  to P.O. Box 2430, Cleveland, TN 37320-2430. For additional information, consult your international Girls Ministries coordinator.

Girls Clubs is a vital ministry of the International Youth and Discipleship Department. Each local club is a part of a larger body of girls throughout the world. In order for us to keep accurate records of this very active ministry, it is extrememly important for each local club to complete their monthly report and mail it to you, their state coordinator. When you tabulate these figures and send them on to us, it provides accurate records of your progress and achievement.

Number of Clubs Reporting: This figure will give you an on-going gauge with which to measure the growth of this particular club in your state. Also, you can tell at a glance each month what percentage of your clubs participated in reporting that month. For example, if you normally have 20 YLMs report in a given month, and the next month only 3 have reported, you may want to check into the matter further. Award incentives at Jamboree may encourage reporting.

Total Attendance at Meetings: This should include the number of girls, counselors, helpers, and Prayer Mothers who attended each meeting at the local church. Actual figures should be used, not averages. For example, if a church has four meetings with the following in attendance: 8, 10, 9, 11, their total would be 38 for the month.

Number of Prayer Mothers: Every Mother participating in the Prayer Mother Program should be counted each month. If you promote an annual program where the Prayer Mothers will not change for a year, this figure will be known automatically by the counselor each month. Be sure they include only those Prayer Mothers that apply to their girls, as the other age groups will be counting theirs on their local report. For example, if 30 Prayer Mothers are signed up with the local church for this program, and 10 are for YLM girls, 8 for Joy Belles, 10 for Bluebelles, and 2 for Little Sweethearts, then each counselor would put her proper count for the month on her individual report, instead of each counselor putting 30 as participants in the Prayer Mother Program.

Number of Girls using Curriculum: This is the total number of girls who worked on the curriculum for the month. They do not have to have earned badges to qualify for this category, just participated.

Number of Girls using Merit Study: This is the total number of girls who participate in an additional study while the actual study is conducted. The study does not have to be completed for them to be counted.

Number Receiving Insight: Insight is a free publication written with the counselor, Prayer Mother, and anyone who works with kids in mind. It contains appropriate information, classroom helps, Girls Clubs statistics, and encouraging ideas from clubs internationally. This figure should be the total number of women currently or newly subscribed (by email address) to Insight that month.

MissionMoney Mailed with Report: This figure should be the total monies clubs have sent to you for the categories of Girls On A Mission (YWEA), Translation of Girls Ministries material, and orphanages. If a club raises money for other projects you may include in your state (such as Covenant Ministries, Home for Children, etc.) that would not be included in this figure.

State Coordinator Form
Please check with your State/Regional Girls Ministries Coordinator to see if online reporting is available. If not, please use this form either to download,  print out and mail in or copy and paste into an email to your State GM Coordinator. Reporting is how we stay connected! Thank you for reporting.
Local Report Form